Webflow + Shopify (Multiple variant)

I’ve been trying to search for an answer for days now. Please save me from the pain.

How to add multivariant option after embeding Shopify buy button?

Any other solution than foxy.io ?

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Hi Vrajang,

Would you be able to elaborate some more? We have been able to integrate custom Shopify buy code that handles multi variant options.

Working examples.
This site pulls in everything from Shopify, images, price, title, description etc.

This site pulls in the product variant buttons

This site pulls in the product details and has the variant options all from Shopify.

Other sites we have integrated the Shopify code into


Let me know if you would like to discuss some more chris@clickyclicks.co.uk

the websites look great! could you please explain how this black/white switcher works? are black and white variants just different items in the Webflow CMS as well as on Shopify they are different products?