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Product Variants using Shopify Embedding in CMS


So I have a bunch of products (candles) and there are obviously going to be different sizes for the same scent. For example, I have Tobacco Vanilla that comes in 9oz and 16oz.

I have gone through and figured out how to embed Shopify’s Buy Button using Product IDs and Product Names in Webflow. However, I haven’t been able to find a way to allow variant selection that communicates with Shopify.

First, I’m not sure what reference field I should be creating in the Products collection in order to insert the variants available.

Second, how I would allow a customer to choose a variant on the front end.

Third, based on the customer’s choice, change the Buy Button code to add the correct sized product to checkout.

Is the only viable option adding a product to the collection for each size? Then adding a button for each size that would technically go to that size’s product page?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I do not have a read-only link yet because it has not been launched.

Hello @jaylendwill,

did you create the products on Shopify with a variant? If you did you should get a button that has a varian built in. Can you share your read only link and your published link?

@jaylendwill I saw your message in the other topic. Thanks for the vote of confidence :slight_smile: . Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more than Pablo did. Look at the code/settings of your shopify button and see whether the variant was added.

I have not looked! I did not know this was something Shopify would include in the code. I will check it out. Thank you!

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