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Webflow - Right tool for this type of site?

I want to create an eCommerce site in Webflow. I’ll be using the Shopify plugin for the cart.

The question I have is Webflow the the right tool to build ecommerce pages similar to this one:

I’m worried Webflow is basically only for small sites and/or simple layouts. I have yet to see a complex site with over say 10 or so pages. I also worry it would be very difficult take a page like the one above and make it tablet and phone ready.

Another question I have. If you hide an element from being shown on the desktop, tablet, phone version does it still load in the background and count towards load time and page size? For example say I have a large image on the desktop home page but I hide it for the mobile version. Would the image still load, although hidden from view, on the other devices?

I guess I could do three different product sections and just hide them for each device, correct? As long as there is not a load penalty.

Overall what do you guys think? Is Webflow the right program for me? BTW, I only know basic HMTL/CSS so I am looking for a “visual” designer and I am not interested in Bigcommerce, Volusion, Wix, etc. They are very limiting in their layout options and you have to know code to create a truly custom layout.

Thanks in advance for any/all advice!



When you say the Shopify plugin do you mean the buy buttons that Shopify gives you?

Hiding elements of a design with CSS doesn’t prevent those assests from being loaded, so take care in optimizing them to the smallest file size possible (without loosing quality). You gain some speed because the browser doesn’t render the hidden elements.

Note: If the image is declared in the CSS, say as a background, then the image won’t be loaded unless the CSS is called.

You can definitely create that design in Webflow, but weather or not Webflow is the right tool for you depends on a lot of detailed needs. Many people have used Webflow combined with Ecwid as an E-commerce solution (thought it doesn’t give you full design control).

The limit on pages may be a problem for your project depending on how many product pages you are planning on creating. Also you might find updating and adding new products in Webflow to be not the smoothest process. Currently Webflow is a static Website design tool. It doesn’t have a Blog or CMS function (though they are working on it).

For me I create designs and export them to other systems like Shopify(fully hosted), BigCommerce and Modx. I find that combining Webflow with those three platforms allows me to create any type of website.



I would be using the the Shopify embed snippets and inserting them in Webflow.

My major concern is that Webflow is more for creating a basic layout or single page sites. I’m worried that creating a product page and getting it to load and look proper on a desktop, tablet, and phone using Webflow could be a major hassle. And yes, I’m worried about creating new pages as Webflow is missing even basic template options.

I would not mind using Shopify and BigCommerce but you definitely need to be have serious HTML/CSS knowledge to pull it off.

I’m looking at Muse but I just don’t get a good feeling about it. Has anyone created a full eCommerce site in Webflow? Any links?

Thanks for the Feedback!


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