Webflow Responsiveness

Hi!! I’m wondering if Webflow is responsive? I’ve been having trouble because I design something in the mobile touchpoints (in the dashboard) and it moves and appears different in samsung/iphone/ ipad. Do I have to design EVERY single size and width for it to appear right?

The ability to design for each device visually and with less constraints than alternatives is why it is popular and what makes it a good tool.

The Desktop version is what other layouts cascade down from so you need to start designing there as any specific changes on the mobile layout won’t cascade up the chain to the desktop.

It would be useful to set a specific device as the top level in the cascade in responses or separate them out on certain projects though.

Thanks for your answer! My problem is that I edit my design in the Mobile viewport 320 px but it doesn’t show up the same in IPhone 13, images and texts are overlayed and looks terrible. Do you know how to fix this please?

I’m not sure, I’ve not used anything made by Apple for some time and far less likely too now they’re back in to not using x86 again.