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Webflow needs to consider pricing for it's long term loyal customers

Hi Guys, I have been a fan of Webflow since I first tried it. I also use Shopify and in the past I was completely Wordpress. I still love Wordpress, but I have peace with my Webflow sites - although I am limited in terms of what I can do compared to WP. Btw, I used/use a premium WP host :slight_smile: which minimised issues - but it still needed your attention.

Anyway, when I had one Webflow site, it made sense. Now that I have multiple sites, it starts adding up. These sites are mine, so I am not using Webflow like a design agency.

I am considering adding 2 more sites, and I am looking elsewhere mainly due to cost. I would prefer to stick with Webflow if it had some kind of tiered pricing or even a club membership which gave you discounts based on a criteria. I am thinking out loud here. A lot of us are tiny tadpole businesses - so costs matter. I want Webflow to succeed at the same time, some elements of it really irritate me :slight_smile:

Anyway, am I small minority of people who have multiple sites with Webflow, or are there many others out there who feel as I do, that something needs to change with regards to the pricing model.

Anyway, rant over, let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

HI @RyanUK it really depend what you are after. One of basic business rules say’s “if you want to make money you have to spend money” in short “money make money”.

If you run several WF business sites for $36 and site do not make even profit to pay for it self mean doesn’t generate eg. $50/ month then it should be time to consider change marketing strategies or site content.

It also depend on your business model. You can rent a dedicated Server and run on it 5 or 500 websites for let say $200/yaer BUT when you run websites based on WP there are other costs for plugins. If you do not run WP there can be a costs for DB etc…

My point is that WF is not a solution for every project and business model. If you are small or medium business IMO $16 or $36 fair price if you will be comfortable with limitations, restriction, WF basic functionality and with charing extra per transaction on top of payment gates charge.

So if WF rules doesn’t suit to your business model there are another solutions that may suit you better for more or less identical cost.


I understand how much hosting costs, I used to work for a company that has data centres. So, I know the basics. However, right now, it is priced higher than many of the other options. Bear in mind Webflow still is targeting customers who want a basic “brochure” type websites.

I did not say that Webflow has to be all things. You did see me write I also use Shopify and I still have a Wordpress site. And have used SquareSpace/Wix and Dorik for very basic sites. So, I am a little aware of the options out there. By no means an expert. But an end user nevertheless.

Now even as an amateur I would think it would be better to retain those customers than have those go elsewhere. The more customers use other products, and get comfortable with them, the more likely they will one day jump ship. That’s my understand as a consumer without any IT qualifications or businesses degrees. I would think it’s worth not losing those customers and have a tiered pricing structure for those customers who are hosting multiple websites. We will have to just wait and see.

I agree with you - all the sites I have are very basic and just for my own use. I am a hobbyist with very simple requirements - but I shudder each time the bill comes through for the webflow payment as I really start to wonder if it’s worth it. I have also looked elsewhere but as yet have not found a different option but if I do then I will stop using webflow as in reality I cannot justify the costs.