Webflow Membership: How to make logout button?

I am playing with Webflow Membership: Can’t believe but I am making a simple platform where the user’s can create portfolio

Anyway, I wanted to ask – How can I add a logout button?
I don’t see any settings for now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help

My eye missed it when I first looked for it, too :smile:

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oo cool, nice


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I am noob, but how can I mark your reply as a solution?

hmmmm :thinking: there used to be an option by the “reply” button on each post but I don’t see it anymore :laughing: maybe it was mistakenly turned off and an admin will flip that option back on :man_shrugging:

@pravinakajerry - This topic does not support the “solution” flag which is the reason it does not exist.

oo no worries – thanks :handshake: