Members Beta - logout and welcome email?

To those who are on the Members Beta, I’m getting ready to launch my member-only content and I have two main questions.

  1. Is there a way for a user to logout? I’m sure I’m just overlooking it, but I haven’t found it yet

  2. How can I customize the welcome email that goes out to someone who signs up? Maybe this is a feature that we don’t have yet, but seems like it will be important.

Logout button is there: Webflow Membership: How to make logout button?

No idea about customizing email :crying_cat_face:
Even I am looking to do that

Let me know if you find any solution :handshake:

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Ah, I knew I was overlooking something simple. Thanks! I’ll let you know if I figure out the email customization.

Have you seen the logout feature work? It says that the “logout” option is shown to members who are logged in and the “login” option is shown to visitors who are not. I’ve tried a couple of different test accounts and all I ever see is the login option. Maybe it’s because I have it in my navbar?