Help! Webflow's Membership Enquiry (Updated)

Currently I have implemented the “members” feature into my site and encounter a few problems. (Help still needed)

1.) Under the “User Account Page” the updating/changing of the user’s name doesn’t seem to be working. (I have checked the User Account and the user’s name remain unchanged)

2.) When accessing the “Members Only Page” while not logged in, the user was redirected to the “Login Page” instead of the “Access Denied Page”. How do i go about solving this?

3.) When logging out will be redirected back to “Home Page”. Ideally redirected back to the page which the user initially logout from

4.) Pop up message for successful login / logout before redirected to another page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance for the reply. :slight_smile:

Preview Link: Webflow - Next Level

Any solutions for the following issues? :slight_smile:

As long as you’re clicking save, user data should update OK. if not, you may need to contact support.

This is expected behavior. If you try to access any gated page as a logged-out user, you’re redirected to login.

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I gave it a whirl and indeed it’s not updating as you’ve described:

Above is the request to Webflow’s servers for the update.

Above is the response.

You can see that you’re sending the request to update without error, but the response from Webflow is wrong.

Memberships is still in beta, and you need to take that literally. I’m finding issues creep up with it regularly.

Let Webflow support know and they can look at why this is happening.

This is the behavior I experience. If you are logged out and attempt to access a page, you get the access denied screen. Same if you are logged in but don’t have access to it.

Something sounds off with your account. Definitely reach out to Webflow support.

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Hi Michael, regarding the second issue is there anyway i can redirect the “not logged in user” to another page instead? Thanks in advance for the reply.

Technically yes, using custom code- but you’d be breaking the way login normally works. The “normal” login pattern on most sites is that if you try to access a secured resource and you’re not logged in, you’ll be redirected to login so that you have a chance to authenticate, or sign-up.

If you’re already logged in and try to access a resource you are not authorized for, then you’ll get an Access Denied message.

That’s the standard pattern for most sites, and it’s the way Webflow built theirs.

You can hijack that by writing custom code on the login page that looks for a redirection path in the URL querystring. If you get one, you know that you’re at login due to a redirect condition, and you also know what they were trying to access, so you can reroute accordingly.

I really wouldn’t recommend breaking the standard pattern unless you have a very good case for it- there’s a reason for the way it was designed.