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Webflow is looking for another QA Analyst!

Hey everyone! :wave:

I thought I’d put this out on the forum before opening up the position more broadly, since 100% of our current QA (Quality Assurance) team has joined from relationships we’ve built directly through this community…

The gist is, we’re building a lot more stuff behind the scenes at Webflow, and we need more help to make sure that new features and improvements we are shipping to all of you super high quality. The last thing we want to do is ship buggy software that messes up your flow and slows you down – but this requires lots of careful and deliberate testing to get right.

Our engineering team writes a lot of code-based tests, but a tool as sophisticated as Webflow needs a lot of manual, exploratory, expert-led testing to make sure that our tools work as designed. That’s why we’re looking for another QA Analyst to join @bartekkustra @sabanna @AlexN and @josh’s team.

Since we’re starting the search within our community, we’d love to find someone who:

  • Has used Webflow extensively and feels like an expert in it
  • Enjoys the process of pushing Webflow to its limits
  • Is really passionate about Webflow’s mission of empowering designers to create amazing things for the web without having to learn code
  • Has experience engaging with our community and helping others
  • Is a genuinely kind person (I know that’s kind of cheesy, but for our team it matters a lot!)

For this role, we’d prefer people who can work in US-centric timezones (so North and South America), and will also consider remote employees in Europe/Africa. This role would not require US work authorization, so we’re really flexible there.

If you’re interested in learning more, please send me an email – vlad at company name dot com :wink:– with the following:

  • A brief intro to yourself
  • Why you think you’d be a good fit for this role
  • Some info about your level of experience with Webflow
  • Your favorite joke :smile:

I hope to hear from you soon!