Webflow Integrations like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel

Hi I want to know do I need CMS plan for Google Analytics and other similar integration to work. Or it will work after exporting to my own hosting.

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel will work without a CMS plan. For simplicity, I recommend you use Webflow hosting. To set these up, simply visit Project Settings from the upper left corner menu:


Then click on Integrations and paste the required codes, which can be found on your Facebook and Google business accounts.

Facebook Pixel has more granular options you can choose to work with beyond the simple integration, which you can learn about in detail here (courtesy of Webflow): https://university.webflow.com/article/facebook-pixel

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Will all these integrations work with non webflow webhosting?

This blog about exporting Webflow sites gives me the impression that yes, in fact, they will work once exported and hosted elsewhere.

Webflow instructs users to add Google Analytics prior to exporting, so yes to both.

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