Webflow how to make a homepage in a folder with slag /

Greetings, friends!
Please tell me if it is possible to make the main page in the folder at /. For example site.com/es/
I’m trying to do that with the /Es folder, but Webflow says the field can’t be empty

The search did not give an answer.

Unfortunately not.

You’d have to duplicate the homepage and then add it to the folder.

Thanks for the reply. That’s what I thought. I wish there was a way to do that.

Can you elaborate please? Is it still possible to have the homepage site root in a sub-folder? For example website.com/folder but you are saying it just can’t be moved if it already exists?

I am trying to make my blog site root be website.com/root/ if it is possible.

The homepage, no. A homepage variant, yes.

Your primary homepage does not have a slug, and will always be served at /.

However if you’re trying to setup something like a simple subdirectory-based multilingual site, which is what the original poster appears to have been working on - then you can have a static page with the slug es and also a folder with the slug es.

This way you can deliver paths like;

  • / default language homepage
  • /es Spanish homepage
  • /es/... other Spanish pages