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Ability to use index as slug name for pages in folders

Hi. I have a main page and second page which is located in the folder. In order to work both pages should have the name index.html


If there is no index.html in the folder then browser showing error-page.

Now I’m going to to ‘Pages’ section. My home page have no name. I assume this name is ‘index.html’ by default. Next I’m going to may second page in the folder and try to set the name ‘indext.html’ as well. But I see an error message: slag is reserved.

Now I have situation when I have to export code and manually rename the file in the folder to index.html in order to work. Can it be fixed?

Hi Alexey,

Thanks for getting in touch. At the moment, the home page has an index.html name when exported, but when hosted in Webflow, the index part for the home page is not necessary.

Folders in Webflow are not pages, so you will need to setup a different page under the folder, and name that something other than index, as currently a Webflow site can only have one index page at the moment.

This would be a good suggestion for the Wishlist.

I hope this helps.