Webflow form to Hubspot via Zapier and Hubspot usertoken as hidden field

Hi there,

So I’ve got a Webflow form that’s pushing the contact data to Zapier, but I’d like to add the Hubspot usertoken as a hidden field in the Webflow form so that Zapier can add the usertoken to the new contact. Has anyone done this or know how to do it. Can’t code for the life of me hence using Zapier to push the data into Hubspot. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hey @J8kes , there is a solution to connect Webflow forms directly to Hubspot using @elijah 's vimkit.

Hi, looking for a solution for this too. Did you manage to solve it? Vimkit doesn’t seem to support as far as I can tell?

@stefanstark Was on a paid Hubspot account, their support made all kinds of promises, in the end they couldn’t figure out how to make their own tool work and we cancelled the subscription. They just kept trying to push us into crating lead pages on Hubspot.