Webflow Form incorrect input

I’m wondering if it’s possible to setup a contact form that can let a user know if they have entered the wrong information.

I’m building a gift certificate form, and it needs to be able to tell the user if they inputed a correct gift certificate code. So I would need a way to tell the system what is correct and what isn’t. Any way to handle this? If not, are there any third party embed’s you can recommend?



I’ve been trying to look for a solution but can’t seem to find one. There’s got to be an easy way to choose what is valid and invalid in a webflow form field.

Hello @SPI :smiley:

It looks like you’ll need to add some custom code to your site. You’re basically asking for a function that does this:

  1. Form data is sent to a back-end secure server that holds all of your your gift certificate codes.

  2. a) If the code is valid, that server will then send an “OK” signal and then you’ll have code to make it’s next step

  3. b) If the code is NOT valid, that server will then send a “FAIL” signal and then you’ll have code to send back to the page to show a Error message for the user

At this time, there isn’t a way to do this natively within Webflow. But maybe another community member may have a third-party solution for this.


Bummer! but thanks for the reply! I appreciate the help!

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