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How can I limit form submissions based on a unique question?

I want to prevent the users from using the same data in multiple submissions.
For example each user can only submit once with the same email address (or any other unique input). So if they want to make another submission, they will need to use a different email address.

Please can someone teach me how to do this?


Honestly custom code would be the only way to do this. I’m guessing you want the site to remember who has entered their email forever? I honestly have no idea how you would accomplish this without some kind of 3rd party form system that can store and manage that database to cross check each input before submission. I suggest looking into some 3rd party form systems that allow embedding.

I don’t necessarily need the site to remember the form inputs, but I was hoping it can make the judgement by referring to a database, for instance, Google spreadsheet. That is if all the submissions can be stored there automatically.

Do you know if this can be achieved by custom coding?

I have been looking into 3rd party systems, but they are not easy when it comes to making design adjustments. Webflow is just so much easier…

I don’t think custom code can do this unless you figure out a way to somehow use zapier. I honestly have no idea how i would even begin to be honest. Most 3rd party forms can be styled in webflow by simply targeting the style the default form uses in webflow.

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