Webflow Form Export Time stamp +5 hours ahead of expected

I m exporting my forms for to diagnose why some leads might not be captured and found a huge discretency on Webflow Date Time Field.

I have the following time stamp sources

  1. Analytics
  2. AdWords
  3. Webflow Forms (export)
  4. Salesforce

The following have matching time stamps (+/- 0-2 minutes)

  1. Analytics (ga:dateHour) + (ga:minute)
  2. Salesforce Date + Time
  3. AdWords

Lead 1: John Doe
SF TimeStamp = 11:40am
Analytics TimeStamp = 11:40am
Webflow Export TimeStamp = 4:40pm

Webflow consistenyly has exactly 5 hour difference from leads. I must get webflow timestand code to match. How do I do this?

I looked in my settings and the time zone is set to CENTRAL TIME which is the exact same time zone for Salesforce and Analytics. What’s going on?

This time difference on the audit, makes it somewhat confusing for me and my partner to validate 1/1 match on leads to make sure that AdWords > Website (Webflow forms) > Analytics > Salesforce have aligned Date Time codes for a form submission.

Our temporarily solution is to manually rewrite the time code with the following
where {webflow_dateTime} is the timestamp of webflow forms export
where (5/24) represents 5 hours in the day

Please lets resolve soon so that webflow exports the correct time on dateTime field.

Thank you.

Attached below are some screenshot of

AdWords Date Time Stamp of Conversion (lead capture)
Analytics Date Time Stamp of Goal completion
Salesforce Date Time stamp of Lead
Webflow Forms Export Time stamp of Form


My webflow settings is set to the same Time Zone as GA AW SF

Downloading csv export from webflow forms

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @miekwave, I am not sure I understand exactly from where you are getting the timestamp for the Webflow “forms export”

Can you help to share from where you are getting this timestamp?

What it is the site read-only link? https://university.webflow.com/article/how-do-i-share-my-sites-read-only-link (note if you do not want to share this url publically, you can contact our support at https://university.webflow.com/contact.

Thanks in advance,

  1. Enter Webflow, project >gears > settings
  2. Go to Forms
  3. Click Download CSV and Download forms
  4. Observe column A: timestamp column
Date First Name Last Name
4/13/2018 19:29 {name} {name}
4/13/2018 18:48 {name} {name}
4/13/2018 18:17 {name} {name}

The time code above is hours a head of my Salesforce, Analytics and AdWords Stamp
In fact I just got a lead at 2:29pm >>> the timestamp on webflow export says 19:29 (7:29pm) - it needs to say 14:29 (2:29).


On Salesforce its correct

over 95% of my lead stamps from GA/AW/SF are in the +0,+1,+2 minute range of each other as intnded and as working. Webflow forms are +5:00 hours ahead of all of them. The reason why this is screwing up data i sbecause leads catured at 12:01pm - 4:59am are matching to wrong date match agaings webflow form export. However as stated earlier, our temporoarily solutions is to rewrite timestamp in a new column by {dateCode}-(5/24) to match GA AW and SF data.

Thank you @cyberdave
I have submitted to open a support ticket regarding this matter. DateTime column on webflow export must match. In this case, hours should export as -5:00:00

Thank you for your reply.


Hi @miekwave, thanks, I am helping to get this checked out. I will post an update as I have further info. Thanks for taking the time.

Thanks again for posting all of these great details @miekwave – it definitely helps in our investigation.

After some more digging, all form submissions are collected in GMT+0:00 time rather than the local timezone set in the site settings.

I’ve submitted an internal report to see about getting this changed so that form sub timestamps are recorded in the timezone set for that specific project rather than GMT+0:00.

I’ll post back here when I have more information for you :bowing_man:

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