Webflow experts certification exam

Recently I got to know about Webflow experts certification exam, so I gave it a try. There was a questions in the exam which has multiple correct answers but you can only select one answer, and at the end your answer is scored 0 for wrong answer.

Question is “On what element do you apply pagination?” options are https://imgur.com/882JUh6.png ,now, you can apply pagination from any of the listed options, but you are only allowed to select one option, I selected “Collection list wrapper” and got a 0 score. Am I missing something?

There was another multi-choice question " 8. Which of the following field types let you add more than one image?", Options are “1.Multi-image field, 2.Rich text field, 3.Multi-reference field, 4.Image field”, upon selecting 1, 2 & 3, again I got a 0 score, according to Webflow only 1 and 2 is the right option, but what about 3rd option? we can add multiple images using multi-reference field as well.

Hi @kaleem ,

  1. Although technically you can click the “Paginate items” checkbox when you select each of the child elements in a collection element, the pagination will be added to only one of them - The Collection List element.
    It is the only element containing the actual items, that will be divided into different pages once the pagination is active. I understand the frustration.

  2. A multi-reference field lets you add multiple items. In those items you can place images. But that’s not the same as adding just multiple images.

  1. Then I think the question should be “On what element is the pagination applied”.
  2. But at the end of the day it does allow you to add multiple images, yes or no?