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Webflow Ecommerce Shipbob integration

Hello, I hope you all are doing well!
Im looking for a solution for me to integrate Shipbob into Webflow ecommerce, I contacted shipbob for a solution and they told me that they had an open api and a direct integration with shipstation, how should I go about integrating this with webflow?

“While we don’t have a direct integration with Webflow at the moment we do have an open API as well as a direct integration with ShipStation (another software that has API linking capabilities with most eCommerce platforms). I can’t see integrating with us as a problem for you.”
Thanks in advance

Hello Ralf :slightly_smiling_face: ,

I would suggest checking out Integromat. Shipbob is, unfortunately, not on the platform but Integromat does have generic connectors that allow you to connect to any API service.

Maybe have a look at the documentation.

Have a good day!

Hello, thank you for the quick response.
have a amazing day!