Shipping products from a Webflow site(what a nightmare!)

Hi there Webflow community,
I am the biggest fan of Webflow, however, I suppose connecting a third party “shipping company” like Shippo or Shipstation or Easyship etc. should’t require Master Degree in coding and web design.

I am very frustrated in this situation where I am trying to connect Webflow to a third party shipping company.
I have to say it’s so difficult; none of mentioned above has worked and none of them are particularly able to direct you about how to make it work. In addition there is no tutorial around showing you a potential solution in regard.

I spent too much time trying to sort this problem but I’m still not able to execute the shipping.

From the advert of Webflow, the one we see online that says THE DESIGN TOOL FROM THE FUTURE, we understand Webflow is willing to appeal to everyone, not only web designers able to code.
I wonder, how is it possible that the Webflow University Tutorial has no video about this topic which is the most important thing ever because, a beautiful website (that you can definitely achieve in Webflow) that can’t sell any products is completely useless.

Ok naw have Logic but, it’s still in Beta, and of course we still don’t know how to use it and if will eventually sort this problem with the integration of a third party for the shipping.

So at this stage I am completely disappointed because to eventually fix this I will need to reach out an expert which will cost me so much money.
PS when you reach out web designers/developers from Webflow the starting budget for projects or mini projects is not even possible to consider because, for instance, would you pay 5 Thousand pounds to fix this? I guess no unless you are a super brand.

I would really appreciate if Webflow or somebody from the community would be able to help with this matter.

Thanks in advance

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I have a client that’s using Webflow/Shippo and the setup should only take you a minute or two in the Designer:

shippo integration for ecommerce

Is there a particular step that’s holding you up that I can help with?

Hi Mikeyevin,

Thanks so much for letting me know and for you time.
I was aware of that and of course what I did previously.
Than on Shippo once I logged in etc there was an error somehow which suggests to write to the Shippo team. of course I dwrote to their support immediately.
Their response was sorry can’t help you with that because is a Webflow integration.
PS apparently even if you get Shippo to work because I’m based in UK, from here I would be able to ship because apparently you can only ship from US. but I might be wrong. :thinking: :thinking:

here the full response of Shippo:

Hi Daniele,

Thank you for reaching out to Shippo Support. I would be more than happy to further assist you with connecting Webflow to Shippo.

I do apologize for the inconvenience. This is an integration created from Webflow so we, unfortunately, do not have much visibility into the connection but here is our guide on how you are able to connect the two platforms together from your Webflow integrations settings.

I do hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you.

NAME - May the Shipments Be With You

You will receive a customer satisfaction survey to fill out about your experience. We would appreciate your feedback.

So in my case I Webflow and Shippo telling me that they can’t do anything about it. :roll_eyes:
Now I’m sending to both parties a video to show them what’s going on and then we’ll see what they saying.

Thanks for the extra info and sorry to hear about the hiccup while trying to activate the integration. Unless something has changed recently, it sounds like this is a bug that shouldn’t normally prevent you from connecting the two services.

I think you’re on the right track getting videos to both parties to see what the next steps should be. Good luck and I hope things get worked out quickly :crossed_fingers:

Did you manage to resolve this issue?

We’re trying to work out options, but shippo looks limited and shipstation has awful reviews…

I just want to comment that I am completely disappointed with Webflow Ecommerce due to shipping. They created a feature and literally haven’t updated it once in-product since 2020 which is when I began using their shipping features. As someone who works in tech full-time I find Webflow’s product strategy completely baffling. I am willing to -pay them more- for better shipping features that require no integration with a completely separate company (foxy), but I guess Webflow isn’t interested. If you’re considering Webflow for eCommerce and are reading this, just stop what you’re doing and go to shopify.