Webflow e-commerce subtotal is showing the total

For a France client of mine I need to be able to show the subtotal (the amount without tax) in the Webflow Ecommerce Checkout. Currently I can’t figure out why it’s not showing the amount without tax (€83,33). I tried several things but hope you guys know a trick?

Setting the tax to exclude TAX and changing the price of the product is an option but the client wants to communicate €100.

In this example the order is from someone from France.

Here is my site Read-Only:
Webflow - Zoī


Thank you in advance! :blue_heart:

Did you set-up France Taxes in the Settings Panel like this ?

Hi Louis, Yes, I did! See screenshot:

We needed to apply tax globally, that’s why we are ‘shipping’ to all countries. The product is just a “Entree Fee” and don’t need any shipping. It’s a digital ticket in that case.