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Webflow E-commerce orders are sent to incorrect email address

Hello all,

I’ve just finished up an ecommerce website for a small business I am working with. I’ve tested and tested, and tested some more to make sure everything is functioning properly. There’s one bug I have not been able to figure out.

All of the orders placed on the website are sent to my email rather than the email I have set up for the client. This is not ideal because my client needs to see all of the orders coming in (for obvious reasons).

The form submissions on the site are set to the correct email, but I cannot for the life of me find where the “order submission” settings are to make sure the orders are being sent to the proper place.

I need help ASAP because I am launching the website tonight and there will be orders placed this evening.

Hey @MKDWebSolutions

This is a known issue and I’m also awaiting a fix. Just to verify. The screenshot below shows were to set the support email for ecommerce which is different from where you set the form email notification in the project settings.

Hey @Brando is there any update on this?

Yes, I have my client’s email address set correctly under the Customer support email section - she still isn’t receiving emails. I spoke with a webflow representative this morning about the issue and he told me that you have to have the client added as an editor of the website for them to receive email notifications. I have done so and the order submissions are still not being sent to the correct email.

Fortunately she is able to manage her orders through the editor, but I feel it’s an industry standard for her to also receive an email confirmation of this.

Hopefully a fix will be coming soon.

I’ve done the same. Hoping for a fix soon.

All order emails go to all project settings editor collaborators so add the client order emails?

Yes…I have done the same…Most probably it will be solved.