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Webflow E-commerce Front End? MIVA

Helloo webflow lovers.

I know that there has been the Shopify/Webflow integration and that is awesome and i’m looking into it.

Currently though, i’m working with a company that wants to stay with their E-commerce host MIVA.

Their site is non-responsive but their SEO is great and he’s afraid of losing SEO by moving/changing too many things.

The MIVA responsive templates are…not that great and he would like a more custom design.

My questions is, is it possible to design the front-end with webflow, export the code to the MIVA developer and have them implement it into the site?

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated!


Yes, Webflow creates the front-end code only. A real web developer would be able to integrate this with any CMS or app they want.

Thank you sir! :grinning:

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