Can Webflow & Magento Be Integrated?

Has anyone had success integrating Webflow for front end design with Magento 2 for backend?

We’re building a Magento 2 store and wanted to see if it was possible to use webflow to build the front-end. The goal would be to use the customizability of webflow to make edits instead of hiring a developer to make front end changes.

Is this at all possible?


I recently tried to find a tool that would do this for me (something like Udesly) and couldn’t find anything.

You can’t just take the website site and use it with Magento, and it’s a real pain to convert. It’s certainly possible if you’re willing to put the time in and gradually go through and convert your Webflow export. Would I want to do it? No.

For the site we had in mind recently, we talked the client round to Webflow exported to Wordpress which adequately suited their requirements and all has worked out well.