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Webflow downtime - DNS issues on AWS

There is a large scale DDoS attack that is affecting all of AWS East, which is where Webflow is hosted. We’re currently monitoring the solution closely.

Please follow our status updates here:

We apologize for the disruption and we’re working hard to get back online.


No problem Bryan. Nothing you can do against that. Lots of big sites are affected.

Seems to be back for us…

As far as I checked, none of the hosted sites were affected. Only dashboard and designer.

Hey @vincent - that’s correct, hosted sites were unaffected by this outage.


I meant big sites like Github. Yes great hosted sites were not down.

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it’s down again aw man! It was working so nicely

It looks like it’s the same massive DDoS attack coming back for round 2: :sweat:

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Seems ok now.
Is it safe to work on a project using Webflow right now?