Webflow doesn't support .webp files but Google insists I change them

Webflow doesn’t support .webp file format but Google is insisting I change my image files to .webp because .jpeg is dramatically slowing my site down. I got a 7 out of 100! This is really important, I’m about to launch my business and Webflow isn’t supporting the file format that I need, anyone have a suggestion? Thanks

Agreed - webp support would be very useful indeed, and overdue.

However, 7/100 is not going to be down to just image formats. That’s a seriously drastic score that will be made up of some serious issues somewhere.

If you share the URL people will be able to review and share some recommendations.

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That makes sense, I might be getting help with my site today, but if I don’t get it resolved I can post the link here. Thanks friend!

February '22 and still no support for this. Any update on whether or not this is in the pipeline?

Solved? A third party, “free” GitHub service that requires a monthly payment of $20.70 per month (then $8.89 per project) to remove their branding and agreeing to terms of service allowing use of my work for their own advertising is not what I would consider “solved” - Webflow natively supporting WebP is.


WebP is now natively supported in Webflow. Yay!