Webflow doesn't support .webp files but Google insists I change them

Webflow doesn’t support .webp file format but Google is insisting I change my image files to .webp because .jpeg is dramatically slowing my site down. I got a 7 out of 100! This is really important, I’m about to launch my business and Webflow isn’t supporting the file format that I need, anyone have a suggestion? Thanks

Agreed - webp support would be very useful indeed, and overdue.

However, 7/100 is not going to be down to just image formats. That’s a seriously drastic score that will be made up of some serious issues somewhere.

If you share the URL people will be able to review and share some recommendations.

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That makes sense, I might be getting help with my site today, but if I don’t get it resolved I can post the link here. Thanks friend!

February '22 and still no support for this. Any update on whether or not this is in the pipeline?

solved above

Solved? A third party, “free” GitHub service that requires a monthly payment of $20.70 per month (then $8.89 per project) to remove their branding and agreeing to terms of service allowing use of my work for their own advertising is not what I would consider “solved” - Webflow natively supporting WebP is.


Hey @Rowananye ,

this is some reasons why I created an service that user can use because of lacking performance features of Webflow. This is basically a present for the people. It not solves all of their performance features but a few more wishlist items staying there for > 5 years. There are free plans, so I can call it whatever I feel.

On top WebP there is AVIF within Stacket available for you :slight_smile: which also supports an “third party” app. Imagine it’s even automated and imagine it’s even providing fallback for background images for older browsers.

Webflow natively supporting WebP is.

Then you can wait until you get gray hairs.

Or, you can code your own App, is it worth? Maybe!

It decreases your costs and not increase so yeah.