AVIF and/or WebP compatibility?

Has Webflow been updated for support of AVIF or WebP yet? Am I missing something? It’s almost a necessary item for larger projects. I’m pulling like 44% on speed tests using Webflow and a HUGE chunk could be fixed with lighter formats. AVIF is amazing quality, too.


Webp, as well webm, are both supported.
Assets can also be compressed and saved in the assets panel

I compress everything into JPEGs with the necessary quality % for that image… but I’m pulling like low 40s on PageSpeed and it’s going to kill me on Google.

I also save most everything in the assets panel. The trouble with WebP is the quality sucks. Bummer there isn’t AVIF.

Thank you!

I’m compressing with tinyPng and only turn jpgs to webp (since transparency is not webp’s friend) and had pages with a lot of 2x pngs with no pagespeed issues.

Have you given it a try?

I’ve compressed all the JPGs; then converted them all to WebP and reduced my site load time by like 60%. It’s a huge help.

Thank you for the help, Maria. Have a good night!

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