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Webflow - customer care excellence every day

This is a quick call out to WALDO who has helped so many people (me included). But I want to say a word about what separates Webflow from the rest, beyond the technical excellence of the Webflow offering; where it means the most; where it counts.

The entire WEBFLOW team (shout out again to Waldo) exemplifies CUSTOMER CARE done beyond right … It just seems to me that the entire staff actually look for opportunities to help their customers out. While the norm across far too many companies is to shy away from customers in need after the sale, Webflow seems to seek out ways to help their customers more …

Really remarkable, really appreciated, really GREAT.

Thanks Webflow



Thank you so much for your kind words @rayjnorris :webflow_heart: we’re here to help and our goal is to do anything in our power to help you succeed :smiley:

Keep up the great work! :sunglasses:


@rayjnorris - I agree wholeheartedly… Well done for writing this post. Webflow Customer Support is the best. I’ll never forget the time that I got a video tutorial from @cyberdave - Done just for me!! I was blown away by this. The whole team are brilliant. They are polite, patience, professional, stylish, very knowledgeable and caring. I compare all others against Webflow and sadly, most come up short.

Thanks Webflow - you deserve a customer care award! :webflow_heart::webflow_heart::webflow_heart:


+1 @Waldo seems to care. Good show.

@Waldo + @PixelGeek

Real customer happiness heroes.


I totally agree! This is the first time that I’ve truly experienced the excellence of a product being matched by the excellence of the staff and customer service! Really impressive and heartwarming. They do genuinely care. :slight_smile:


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