Webflow crash with new Grid-Functionality

Its actually pretty simple, and i wont go into detail, since the bug is pretty straight forward : Webflow crashes everytime i try to edit a grids element layout when clicking on “edit parent grid”. Since this only started to occur after the newly updated grid functionality, i guess it has something to do with how that new feature was implemented. I just want to spread awareness about it, working on a mac air M2 Sonoma 14.2, so i guess there are a few out there currently experiencing the same issue. The only out of order thing iam using is the arc browser, but its engine is chrome, so that shouldn’t be the issue. Thanks for any upvotes, so this can be adressed as soon as possible, i can work around this issue with some tweaks, but it shouldn’t be permanent. Thanks alot !

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@Dennis_Wiebler - Test in a supported browser and let us know if the issue persists.

I’m having the same issue. It’s been persistent and slowing down my workflow. Any solutions?

@Lauren_Harris - If you are using a supported browser then I would open a support ticket.

The problem seemed to be fixed after the recent update, but thank you for the reply. I guess it was as mentioned just an implementation error

This still happens to me from time to time so curious if the update really fixed it for others?

Hi @webdev , I am having the same issue and I’m using the chrome browser! It started just a day ago where the grid functionality keeps crashing, how do I fix it?

I am having the same issue here everytime when i press “edit grid”.

If you are experiencing this issue, we recommend opening a support ticket with Webflow. The community is unable to resolve problems directly related to the platform’s functionality. Additionally, Webflow representatives rarely participate in these discussions.