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Webflow compatibility with handlebars or django templates

So far I absolutely love Webflow, and I’m using it to build the static elements of a large web project. However, some webpages will be hooked into a database back-end using Django. Django has its own templating language, and I’d like to have as little friction as possible when going from my Webflow pages back into Django. What do you recommend for a workflow here?

Hi, from what I can tell, the HTML Embed widget is probably your best bet here in this case. You can use that to paste your Django, Jinja2 or other templating syntax and export the site and upload to the server that will do the rendering. Obviously you won’t get rendering in Webflow since webflow does not seem have PHP processing (for php templating like smarty templates) or Python (for Django and Jinja2 templating as an example). (note to webflow support, if you do indeed support PHP or Python, please correct me on that :smile:

Best thing is just to make some tests using a simple page with some template, embed your code, export, upload to your server and see how it works. I would be interested in your results :smile:

Note that the embed widget will embed the code you write, into an embed div, so take that into consideration when you export, in case your backend does not like, or expect nested divs in the markup.