Use a webflow template for Django backend


I have a dynamic website. I want to create a new design for him. I use Django as a backend. Can I use webflow as a front end to create a new template with a modern design? I want to do it in webflow and then export the project as a static file. Thx :slight_smile:

You can export the html/css from the designer and use it anywhere. I’m not super familiar with django but I know for instance if you wanted to use it with Flask you’d need to insert the Jinja yourself to turn your pages into templates.

To use a webflow template directly with Jinja served by your Django server (seems like what you want to do) you can use remote-jinja:

from remote_jinja import render_remote
def some_view():
    return render_remote("")

Or, something like that simplifies the process :slight_smile: @Akiva_Berger @sam-g