Webflow Blogs (Likes, Comments, Views)

I’ll have a blog project in the near future. And I’m just wondering if I can make it an option for people to like or comment on a blog article. And also, I’d like to show how many views, likes, and comments each post has. Is that possible with Webflow, or do I need to use some integrations?

You’ll actually need two different integrations.
There are a lot of commenting system options out there- Hyvor talk is popular, Supersparks is a newcomer, you’ll find other in Webflow’s integrations pages.

For likes the most common solution is Jetboost.

All of these are likely to add monthly cost.

You can wire a lot of that together yourself with some effort. The blog comments being the hardest, but all approaches will need to use a third party of some sort.

Here’s a screencast walking through how to add your own commenting system. I used Memberstack (version 1) as the authentication layer to achieve this.

Here are a few that are more plug-n-play.

For likes / favoriting, again you can wire together your own solution leaning on something like Make (Integromat). There are also these great options from finsweet and Jetboost that are more plug-n-play.

I’d like to show how many views

Not totally sure what you mean by this. Just show how many times a page has been visited? If so there are existing solutions outside of Webflow that you can add. Search for “visitor counter” most will easily integrate with Webflow.

Hope that helps!

Thank you for the information and your time.

For a free “like” (err…love?) button I recently used this and removed all but the emjoi with the heart eyes: