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Webflow blog box shadow

Hey everyone, I am trying to recreate the box shadow that is being used on the webflow blog ( where you hover over the “Reading Lists”. I really love that effect but can’t seem to being able to recreate it as well.

Does anyone know how to make it?

Thanks in advance.

@pixelweak - you can view the exact styling by inspecting the element in Chrome:

They have a box shadow and a filter with a transform to move the card up a few pixels on hover and a transition all for the box shadow.

Awesome thanks @sam-g for the quick reply :slight_smile:

@pixelweak - no problem, we’re you able to get it?

@sam-g yep it works perfectly. Not sure why I didn’t think of inspecting the element in the first place lol

Thanks again my dude.

@pixelweak - np, would you mark the solution to close out the thread :slight_smile: