Webflow being used for hosting spam?

I’m wondering if anyone has had experience with spam being hosted on webflow?

A couple of weeks ago I had a client tell me their emails to me were getting bounced back. It seems the Webflow sub domain contained in the email message that we were using in the development of the site prior to setting up their actual domain was being blocked from being sent from my client’s SMTP server because it was listed on spamrl.com

Today I had different client send me an email that they thought was from a webflow client enquiry. It was easy enough for me to tell it wasn’t from their webflow site (The sender is coming from instantquota[dot]com domain which looks one of those dodgy redirecting sites.)
Things get interesting though as the email contains images with a link to a page set up on a webflow “preview” page with links that go to what looks very much like they would go to some sort of malicious content.

Its looks to me as though someone is using webflow to host spam pages.

To add to my concern, going to the homepage of the webflow wishlist and seeing all the spam there does not instil confidence that Webflow are keeping on top of basic spam protection.

Anyone else have any thoughts or experiences on this?