Webflow and Surface pro4

Hello everyone. Recently i have bought a surface pro 4, and i use it a lot for working when i am traveling. Amazing Device. Yesterday i was tryng to work on a webflow project, but it turns out that i can’t edit the desktop versions of my project because the software recognize the screen to bee too little (which is not, the problem is that with all the toolbars and everithing, the wiewport is shirnked). Is there some workaround to fix this thing?

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Surface 4 has a blazing 2700+ base resolution so that should be enough.

But it uses scaling for the UI so you’re maybe using half of this.

Sorry I can’t test but did you look on display settings to try to take advantage of the native resolution?

If you can’t find how, I’d call MS Surface support, I heard they’re very competent.

I’m very interested in seeing you making this work, and see how it goes.

Can you come back to tell me if you’ve fixed this, and maybe then film yourself using Webflow on the Surface?

Here’s me using Webflow Editor and Designer on an iPad Pro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUpFAuQ2s_o

Long story short: Editor works, Designer not so much, at all.

Keep me informed :slight_smile:

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Hello VIncent. Sorry if i Reply Late, but i had very orugh days. I will try for sure tomorrow, it will be my weekend task!
I love webflow, and I want it fully working on my device.
I’ll kepp you updated!

I did it. Turns out this is the only thing i should modify(before it was set to 225% by default). sorry for the scrren in italian, basically is the % of the dimension of text in apps and programs. now webflow works from my surface. YAY!

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