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Webflow and Forums

Hi There, I am looking to integratte a forum to a part of the site so that visitors can ask quetions. Now, I have already read that Webflow itself is using a third party solution, Discourse. How how do I implement that or any other forum solution?

“or any” - no answer for that. Each third-party plugin with other docs/ideas.

Most of the times you do all the setting under “site X” and on webflow only do “copy --> Paste”.

Specific related to Discourse - looks like a more complex solution. You should ask her:

Discourse is being hosted on a subdomain -> You can do the same thing. You just need a hosting plan somewhere that supports the requirements for discourse and then set up the host for whatever subdomain you wish to use. You may wish to theme discourse.

You could opt to use something like Zendesk as an alternative.