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Webflow and Cloudflare proxy

Every 90 days my site shows a 525 SSL handshake error due to using cloudflare’s proxy and webflow’s cert generation. As I understand it webflow uses Let’s Encrypt and regenerates certificates every 90 days causing the handshake to fail. Is there anyway around this? I’d like to continue using cloudflare’s proxy: all my redirects in one place, caching, etc. Any work arounds or suggestions are appreciated.

No and one reason using Cloudflare’s proxy service is not recommended.

So what do you use instead? How do you setup 302 redirects?

Redirects are managed in the project settings under hosting.

Those are only 301s and then I have redirects across clouldflare and webflow. Running promos using vanity urls I do the following redirects (from the same url based on the day):

  1. waiting page
  2. sale page
  3. last chance
  4. generic page or sales page

Do you know if there are plans to add this or should I just keep resetting it every 90 days? Any crazy workaround would be awesome too.


Sorry I missed the 302 versus 301 in you post when I scanned it. Temporary redirects are not supported in settings so you really only have the option you are using or self hosting the site (no CMS).