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Webflow allow for font awesome within form placeholder?


just tried to use font awesome within a form block text field to no avail. Does webflow support this?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Did you try adding a span to the text and adding a class to make the font fontawesome?

I copied and pasted the font awesome class and code as seen in the picture and made the font “fontawesome”

I used this same process to make the facebook button in the same picture.


Can you post your public link please?


Oh also, you only need the value, not the entire name, only the stuff inside the brackets. What page are you trying to do this on?

Also, you should be using a span for the font awesome part of your text by following the directions here but choosing the little brush to add a style within your text

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Artist onboarding > Untitled

display the modal to block

Ahh, I’ve never tried to do this before. You can’t style a form field like that so you will have to create a separate text block and style it to be the icon and position it where you want it using relative or absolute positioning. You can put it just above the form field and then move it where you want.

ahh dam, righto cheers @DFink

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