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Can we use fonts in interactions?

Trying to use fontawesome icons to do some interactions using text span… but nothing is moving. Is this not a feature within webflow?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Interactions don’t like text spans in my experience. Can you provide your public link and tell us exactly what you are trying to do?

Im trying to use a fa-chevron-up arrow within a button and use an interaction to spin it 180 degrees on click and toggle back to original position. Any ideas how to do this?, i want to avoid using an icon wihtin a button as it does get messy with the absolute positioning sometimes

You can’t do rotations on spans. If you make it a separate text block, you can do anything you want to it via interactions. I ran into this before trying to do a dropdown arrow chevron that flips and it doesn’t work on spans.

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