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WebCraftConf - may be of interest to the webflow community

Not sure if this is the right category but…

WebCraftConf is a conference for people who build web software, dedicated to building better web software through improving our understanding, processes, practices and tools.

It will be held in June 2018 in Jamaica.

More information is at the website (built with Webflow BTW).

Thanks for sharing that with us @pigeonflight and sorry I missed this!

A conference in Jamaica… that’s a good excuse for holidays haha. Wouldn’t mind the :sunny:

Are you an organiser of the conference ? I won’t be able to join, but this could definitely be interesting for other Webflow users :slight_smile:

You also made me think that we could use a category for people to share the cool events and conferences they’re attending!

Actually, you didn’t miss it. The conference is in July.

thanks for posting this :slight_smile: will you be attending this? If so, I would love to hear what you learn from it.

@PixelGeek I’m not only attending. I’m organising it. BTW… our site is built in Webflow.

Yes I’m an organiser. Sorry for the delay in responding to that question.

WebCraftConf 2019 is spinning up now. Just touching this thread here in case there’s Webflow community interest.