Webclip bug on all pages

Strange bug on a client site - https://farahcleret.webflow.io/ - there’s a block that appears in the live site above the header that shoudn’t be there (it doesn’t show in the designer).
When I review the page source it looks like the code that appears has something to do with the Webclip icon.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


The above preview link is dead. We need your “read-only” link. :slight_smile:

Here’s how just in case: Share a read-only link | Webflow University

Try this link…


@zissou ~ I’m a semi-expert, so an expert might know better, but this is what I’ve come up with:

So there’s a weird text in the body and I assume it’s being generated by Webflow. I don’t see it in the designer to be removed.

I would try setting your Navbar to sticky and setting the “Top” to 0. If you want to pull the Navbar out of the document flow, you can set it to fixed. If you pull it out of the flow, your “letter_block” will move up, so set your flexbox to justify center.

I’m still learning, but I hope this helps. :cowboy_hat_face:

Are you including any custom code in your Project Settings by chance? I don’t see anything in you Page Settings, but I can’t access the Project Settings and I’ve seen text appear if it’s mistakenly included outside of the proper <script> tags.

I’d take a peek there to make sure that’s not the case :+1:

@mikeyevin ~ makes sense. I initially thought of the page settings having something funky in there. Since you’ve seeing this before, I say it’s highly likely.

@mikeyevin There is custom code but I checked and it is correctly formatted. The issue wasn’t there 2 months ago when I built the site and the owner of the site only just noticed it yesterday.

@dannyFig I tried both Sticky (no change) and then Fixed (the UA-19… seems to sit above)

Very strange!

If you haven’t already I would reach out to Webflow support to have them take a closer peek—it’s possible it’s a bug on their end, but if nothing else they may be able to get a closer look at the custom code on the project.

The fact that it appeared somewhat unexpectedly (and you haven’t made adjustments to the code since then) make me think it could be something that they may need to take a look into :+1:

I can confirm that this text is coming from the Webflow server.

  1. Chrome > Dev Tools > Network Tab
  2. Look for https://farahcleret.webflow.io in the Name column. Click it. This will open up details of that request/response.
  3. In the details view, click the Response tab.
  4. In the response, search for the text UA-197732484-1

It looks a lot like the old Google Analytics Tracking ID

Yay! I forgot there was a site wide Custom Code section - don’t know how it got in there but the UA-197732484-1 was in there. I removed it and now the site is fixed!

Thanks all


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