Unable to delete stray element

This is super weird. Little difficult to explain.

I have a random svg image showing up in the body of my homepage. This image is not visible in the Designer or Preview mode. Only in live staging. I’ve taken a screen grab to show what I’m seeing in the browser and also this is the live link: http://bluestone.webflow.io/

The stray object in question is at the very bottom of the page. I have no clue how to remove this thing.

This image is not even in my asset library. The only thing I can think is that I’d grabbed this artwork while in Illustrator and it accidentally got dropped into the Designer window? Is that possible?

Here is my working link:

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Hi @Port_of_Folio,

Foreword: loving the design so far :blush:

Okay, it took a little bit of digging, but I was able to locate the SVG in the Custom Code of the Home Settings:

Also, you can view where the SVG is located in the following video:

Hopefully this is helpful :nerd_face:

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Ha! Thanks so much. I must be going cray because I have no recollection of even opening the custom code panel for the page, let alone pasting code in there. Maybe a co-worker is messing with me!

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