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Web scraping content to a new Webflow site from an external site


Would anyone be able to help me with a simple way to scrape data from onto my Webflow website. I am unless the best way to do this or the best tool that will integrate into webflow, so any advice would be massively appreciated!

The data I want to harvest is; Market Cap, Total Supply, Value (price)

Here is my site Read-Only:
Here is where I want to scrape the data: PooCoin BSC Charts

If you can put the data you need in a data source such as Google sheets you could then use Zapier to automatically populate your webflow CMS.

I did a search of this forum for the word “scraping” and found a post that had been flagged for removal by the community so I’m thinking that maybe this is something that could be beyond the scope of this forum.

Thanks for you reply :slight_smile:

From looking around Zapier seems like it will be useful in this flow.
Excuse me if this is a silly question, is there a way to scrape into Google sheets so the data is live and constantly updating?

Zapier does not sync live data between applications however this article says that a Zap can be set up to run on a regular schedule.