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Web Push Notifications: What's the Best Solution for Webflow in 2021?

While Web Push functionality isn’t new, it’s become an important asset for many modern eCommerce websites thanks to increased consumer adoption of mobile purchasing options.

However, most Web Push platforms require an upload to the host directory which isn’t currently possible with Webflow. The only integration listed on Webflow’s integrations page is SendPulse; even with this platform, when a file is not uploaded to the host directory they require a clunky 2-step verification process to opt into Web Push notifications (which kind of defeats the point since one-click opt-in is important for Web Push success).

I find it hard to believe that there’s no Webflow websites out there making use of Web Push notifications to help fuel their eCommerce business.

Has anybody figured out a way around Webflow’s inherent limitations when it comes to enabling Web Push notification functionality on the platform? Are there any services, hacks or solutions currently known?

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