Is it possible to implement a Web Push Notifications tool with Webflow?

Hi all !

I’m trying to implement a Web Push Notification tool (WebPushr, Push Engage, One Signal, etc.) and no matter what the tool is, I still have the same problem.

These tools require to host a JS file on the host (Webflow) and from the Webflow Support team, it’s not possible. I was wondering if anyone have experienced this situation and have any other ways to implement a such tool (Web Push Notifications).

Thanks for the help !

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Those features require the use of a webworker. It is possible to create them in line, see “embedded workers” here

If you use premade snippets, you will need to convert them to fit the inline approach.
I’m not sure what limitations the embedding poses though

Maybe you can host the worker.js on some cdn? Not sure if cross domain is allowed here