Web page is loading at the wrong section

Hey Everyone
my website was working pretty good I don’t know what I did but my page is loading on the wrong spot and when I click on Work in my editor mode it’s current I tried removing the current but is not working. I want it to load on the first section or home page

how to fix it the problem if you can help me

The issue is that you’ve set your first form field set to “Autofocus”:


Remove this checkbox on the “name” field and it will load as normal :+1:

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That work that you so much

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Hey man can you help me out?

Are you still having issues with autofocus?

no I am having problem with my menu on mobile view
can’t add it I don’t know why

To keep this thread on topic (and also since it’s already marked “solved”) I’m going to shoot you a quick direct message on this.

In the future if you run across any other issues with the project—assuming there isn’t already a solution in the community for a similar problem—feel free to create a new thread to keep things consistent.

okay I got it figure it out thank you