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Web App Flow Layout

Hey guys–

Was looking at my site earlier, and wanted to experiment to see if there’s a way to create a web app style flow where instead of scrolling traditionally down a page, users are guided through with full screen steps rather than having to scroll and digest content.

I was thinking about setting it up sort of like a slider with a fixed footer at the bottom to prompt users to the next section with a continue button. Wanted to see if anyone has tried to do something similar or has any suggestions on how to do so. Appreciate the help!


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Is this what you’re looking for?

Sort of! Similar style except full screen banner prompts and no text input fields. We’re more guiding them through a content flow using a step by step process.

Think of like a powerpoint presentation. Let me know what you think. Appreciate the help!!

Actually…I take that back! Haha

I took a closer looks, and essentially it can work exactly like that I was looking for just need to style it different for full screen banners.

Quick question…for the last step. How’d you interchange the different CTAs so it goes from continue to submit out of curiosity?? Thanks for the help! You’re the best.


The slider handles the next/previous buttons and since this is nested inside of a Webflow Form the submit button was placed inside of the last slide.

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