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Multi Step Form Skips CTA - Mobile Only

Hey guys–

On a new project I’ve been working on, I set it up like a multi-step form using a slider to give more of a walkthrough feeling to the user.

I’ve gotten pretty far down the process and works great on most devices, and the final CTA which prompts user to a form is only supposed to appear on the final slide.

However, on mobile the way I have it set up you’ll notice on Safari and Chrome, it skips the final slide and it looks like a user is being prompted to the form without actually finishing the whole multi-step process. Therefore, on second to last hero slide, they tap and immediately skip to the form. Trying to fix this issue, and some help would be much appreciated.

p.s. you may have to test on your own device since Webflow mobile tool makes it seem like it’s working fine. I’ve gotten a few headaches off this one haha…let me know your thoughts.


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