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We just announced *a lot* of things at #NoCodeConf!

We just announced a lot of things at #NoCodeConf! :sunglasses::triumph:

Updates that give you more control and make it easier to create powerful and more dynamic web experiences.

Read the full recap of what’s coming:

1. Logic

A whole new capability coming to Webflow giving you the power to define custom business-logic workflows right from the Webflow Designer – allowing you to create highly-personalized experiences for your users.

2. Memberships

We’re introducing a new set of capabilities to unlock powerful membership sites natively in Webflow.

Create customizable user account pages, gate content, and offer paid subscriptions with our new Membership functionality.

3. CMS Performance Improvements

With this change, you’ll see the Designer be up to 15 times faster than before, with 6 times less memory usage in the browser. You’ll also need a staggering 86 times less bandwidth on load.

4. Collaboration

Building on our improvements to collaboration this summer, we’ll be introducing new roles and permissions in early 2022 along with a simplified way of creating and growing your teams.

5. New controls in the Designer

We’re bringing the mix-blend-mode CSS property right into Webflow with Blending modes, introducing Backdrop filters, and to make building accessible websites even easier — the Audit panel is coming out of beta today!


Amazing work @max.lind !

Can’t wait :webflow_heart:

So hyped :smile:

Any chance logic flows could enable us to create client dashboards or even custom CRMs as is currently doing it through Airtable ?

If so, this could be one more nail in Worpdress’s coffin. Possibly not the final one, though.

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