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Ways of hiding extensive text content in webflow design?

Hi, Anyone have any ideas on how to initially hide extensive text content?
I sell products that require quite a bit of information to be discovered by potential customer.
But, one of the quickest ways to increase your bounce rate, is to show a visitor a ton of text.
So I’d like to present visitors with a teaser sentence or two and then have something like a “read more” link.
Which would either pop up the additional content or redirect to another location on the page.
The later option being less appealing, because visitors will ultimately be able to see that there is a lot of text, if they initially scroll the whole page.
Not sure how to handle this in webflow… Any ideas?
If you want to see what I mean… visit
Thanks in advance

Inside webflow - impossibru! But you could do it outside of webflow. You have to export your code and simply use some jQuery to show’hide extensive text. If you want to make a product page for each product, you could use some PHP and XML to easily maintain the items. I’ve used this system at Each product is dynamically shown from the XML file which covers the english AND polish version of the website. All I had to do is to create one file that shows one product based on what is given in $_GET :wink:

Thanks bartekkustra,
I will look into the link you provided.

Yeah at the moment you won’t be able to dynamically show and hide elements in Webflow. We imagine being able to do this by binding a button to some action in Webflow, but that’s a ways out. Thanks for the suggestion!