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Can Webflow a "Show More" Button to text fields?


For long text fields it’s often a good idea to show a few lines of text and then hide the rest with a “Show More” or “Read More” button.

Is this functionality possible with Webflow?

Specifically, is it possible for search engines like Google to still “see” (crawl) the text, even if it’s visually hidden from human visitors?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @webdes

A couple of ways:

IX1: scroll to Example 3

Hope that helps


Thanks @StuM

Do you know if these methods have a negative effect on SEO (i.e. if they “hide” text from Google’s crawler)? Thank you


@StuM Is it possible to just half of an element (e.g. paragraph) with these methods? they seem to hide entire objects, whereas my goal is to show a text preview which can then be expanded. Thanks

Instead of doing block/display none on the interaction you choose instead to change the height to preferred hidden height.

Then on click, set height to auto (default).

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